Are you ready to earn record profits in your business? Do you want to harness 100% of your company's potential? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a leader in your industry?

Book your FREE Velocity Assessment (valued at $5,000) and discover how to:

  • Release your company’s hidden profits today.
  • Prevent your company from lagging behind and missing out on thousands of dollars worth of business every single month.
  • Use your company’s strengths to enhance your brand and develop customer loyalty.

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What Is The Velocity Assessment All About?

Have you ever wondered if your business is operating at optimum capacity?

Our Velocity Assessment measures your Velocity Quotient (VQ), which is like a holostic IQ test for your business that covers 8 key areas and allows you to plan for the future.

The Velocity Assessment will:

  • Show you how you compare against world-class standards in key areas.
  • Provide a graphical representation that acts as a ‘snapshot’ of your business which can be used to measure progress.
  • Allow you to focus your efforts on maximising your potential for improvement across the board.

Why Am I Giving Away A
$5,000 Assessment For Free?

I normally charge $5,000 for a Velocity Assessment so why would I offer this valuable assessment for FREE? There has to be a catch, right?


Yes, There IS A Catch! (And I think you’ll like it)

The fact is... knowing the results of the Velocity Assessment can steer your company in the right direction but ONLY if you know how to act on the information. You really have 3 choices:


No matter what your Velocity Quotient score is, you can act as you see fit. Maybe you’re happy standing by, seeing your profits dwindle and watching as your competition steals your clients and customers right from you.


In the ultra-competitive world of business, stagnation is the same as regression and the value of your most valuable asset will erode every day that you don’t improve it. While I respect your decision, I'm puzzled as to why you would allow all of your hard work to go to waste.


You can take the insights gleaned from the Velocity Assessment and look at all 8 key areas in terms of your company’s strengths and areas for improvement. You may decide to try and implement the strategies yourself. However, this isn’t always the best idea because:

  • You’ll have no coach or mentor from which to draw upon for their essential experience and expertise.
  • With no external support, you’re assuming all the risk so there are zero guarantees and no external accountability.
  • The time it takes to implement the changes will eat into your time,
    so your day-to-day operations will suffer from the split focus.
  • You bear the entire brunt of the risk and frankly, you would have already tried the DIY approach if you knew how to do it.

If you don’t mind spending a lot of money and using up the valuable time of your employees as they try to do something in which they don’t specialise, I wish you all the best, and hope your business has a stunning turnaround.



Your best and final option is for us to work together to design and implement a customised solution. I will use our proven Velocity HPO model as the framework for a higher level of performance for your business. Start by Booking Your Free Assessment Today.


“I found Craig to be a valuable mentor and advisor in developing successful sales strategy. Craig brought to his role a wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig."
Shawn Male, Territory Manager

"I have recently completed a coaching for high performance program put together and facilitated by Craig. The program and Craig's delivery of it was outstanding, with his depth of knowledge on the subject matter extensive. The knowledge and skills I have developed as a result of his practical, insightful and motivating coaching has had an extremely positive impact on both my performance at work as well as outside of the workplace.

Liza White, Marketing Manager at Havilah Legal

RTV 295"Craig helped me improve remarkably – my numbers went up by close to 400%! He led me to change my thinking, to see things differently and to become self-reliant. Craig also streamlined our business operations to maximise the benefits to our customers, and made everything run more smoothly. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig to any business which wants to increase their success and performance.

Paul Henry, RTV Group



"Craig and I worked together for a number of months at Fleet Support Unit Australia, his superior knowledge, highly evolved communication skills and unrelenting patience were an important factor in the successful training programs which were implemented in our units. I was personally impressed with Craig’s ability to remain optimistic in even some of the more trying situations. Change management can be a daunting task for just about any business, but I can personally testify that with Craig’s quality coaching skills, the task is not as hard as you might think."

Daniel Gasper, HSE Advisor

Why Should I Work With You?

Since I’ll have already performed the Velocity Assessment, I’ll be fully acquainted with your organisation and ready to help you.
Here are some more great reasons:

  • 100% objectivity. Your employees can be open and honest in a confidential environment without fear of reprisals. This information will be returned in the context of how it helps the goals and objectives of your business. This is impossible when it’s done in-house.
  • I work on a pay-for-performance model which means you don’t pay me an extra cent unless your business profit increases. This means I have an actual incentive to make you more money!
  • I have a proven track record in business turnarounds with 16 years of experience and a host of delighted clients.
  • My skills, experience and expertise are specialised and applicable in a number of contexts.
  • As I’m a consultant, you don’t waste money hiring a full-time employee so you get specialised help for less than the cost of an office clerk’s salary.
  • Our base fee is $5,000 monthly (plus GST) so there are no upfront or hidden fees.
  • I guarantee that you will make back my fee in cost savings or additional profits or else I work for free* until you do.
  • There are no lock in contracts.
  • When the 12 months are up, your business will have a profitable system in place which makes you money for years to come, long after I’ve stopped working with you.

Ultimately, you end up with a sustainable model for long-term profit generation for your business. Many of my clients enjoy
long-term profitability by applying my principles to their organisations.

No Obligation

I don't believe in using high-pressure sales tactics so you have no obligation to use my services after the FREE Velocity Assessment. You can walk away after benefiting from a $5,000 gift and use the information you receive as you wish.


I’ll take things a step further. If you hire us, every dollar you spend will be returned to you in cost savings or gross profit or I work for free until you do!


So if you don’t make back our base fee by the end of the 12 month program, my team and I will continue to work for you at no extra cost until you recover what you spent with us in either gross profit or genuine cost savings.


As long as you implement the solutions as we advise, you simply cannot lose!

It's Not For Everyone

Completely transforming a business takes time, so if you want our help, you’ll have to meet some pretty reasonable criteria.


The Velocity Assessment and Velocity HPO model are designed to work with established organisations. This offer is only for businesses that already have a solid base but understand the need for change to prevent their rivals getting ahead.


We only work with businesses that already have a good reputation. Business Velocity can take a business with potential, identify its opportunities for improvement, and accentuate its strengths to yield increased profits.


The Velocity HPO model works as it's supposed to when you implement the solutions we advise, in accordance with our guidance. If you're not open to receiving advice on how to run your business, then we’re probably not for you! Meet the above criteria and we want to talk to you.

Meet The Criteria Above?


Applying for your FREE Velocity Assessment is quick and easy. Simply click the button below, make your request, and add your email address and your name. We'll be in touch to make the arrangements.


When your assessment is ready we'll be in touch to schedule a meeting to debrief you and explain the results. We'll give you time to consider your options, while remaining available to answer any questions.